Who we are

Family Farm Gobbi is an organic farm founded in 2017, producing extra virgin olive oil and wine, two historic crops grown in this area since ancient Rome.

On the gentle slopes of the Romagna hills along the Rubicone river, between Roncofreddo and Longiano, small medieval villages, lives this small reality that bases its roots on tradition, all in the name of craftsmanship and care for its products.

We produce jams from our organic fruit and wild fruits collected in the wild, we also have a small production of organic forest honey produced within the Casentinesi Forest National Park.

The story will go on because Romagna is a magical place and this land needs to be cultivated, not abandoned.

Family Farm Gobbi


Via Roncofreddo, 751
47020 – Longiano (FC)


Nicolas: +39 333 7947404

Giulia: +39 349 4429680