Who we are

It all began in Castelvecchio di Savignano sul Rubicone in the mid-19th century in the family of “Canteina” (Gobbi) with the birth of Alfredo Gobbi, son of Paolo Gobbi. Peasant family forced to abandon the land and "emigrate" to Roncofreddo before the passage of the front (around the 1930s).

With the birth of Antonio Gobbi in 1938 (Alfredo's only son), being a very poor family and given the lack of workforce, they began to market old iron and rags at the Gambettola market. In the following years Antonio and his wife Lidia set up a real "hardware and household" business to support the family of three children (Paola, Pier Paolo and Massimo), an activity subsequently undertaken by their children Massimo and Pier Paolo.

In spite of everything Pier Paolo has always believed and dreamed, together with his wife Monia, to carry out the project of his grandfather Alfredo: to create an agricultural company. The birth of the two sons Aurora and Nicolas and the studies undertaken by the latter in the agricultural sector (agricultural expert and graduate in food technology) have stimulated the family to believe in their land, the "peasant Romagna", and to create their own products "Branded".

Today the company, started in 2017 by Nicolas and his father Pier Paolo with a hectare of garden planted with olive trees, boasts four hectares of olive groves (around a thousand examples) and as many used as orchards, with the production of "Family Farm Gobbi ".

The story will go on because Romagna is a magical place and this land needs to be cultivated, not abandoned.

Family Farm Gobbi

Opening time

Sunday 9-14
Da lunedì a sabato: 9-14 17-23


Via Roncofreddo, 751
47020 – Longiano (FC)


Nicolas: +39 333 7947404

Giulia: +39 349 4429680