Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The company believes in its values and in the love it transmits through olive growing, its workhorse.

The particular land located in the hilly pedestrian area on the hills of Longiano with a favorable exposure (south, south-east), the characteristic cultivars of the territory (Correggiolo, Leccino and Pendolino), the total absence of use of chemicals or derivatives, the early harvest, the immediate daily grinding of the olives and the subsequent particular filtration allow the production of a superior category oil that is also distinguished within the territory itself.

Product has a green color with a golden yellow reflection, a fruity scent with hints of grass or leaves, a light flavor accompanied by a hint of almond, artichoke and tomato.

Due to its characteristics it is ideal for dressing mixed salads, meat, fish and first courses.

Family Farm Gobbi


Via Roncofreddo, 751
47020 – Longiano (FC)


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