Our honey is produced in Biserno, a small fraction of the municipality of Santa Sofia, in an oasis of peace and tranquility, a stone's throw from the integral Natural Reserve of Sasso Fratino within the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests (UNESCO World Heritage) and from the Ridracoli Dam.

Our beekeeping is a source of pleasure and well-being for us, it also aims to be so for those who visit the apiaries and above all for the bees; it is a choice of practices and techniques in line with the biology of the bee while respecting the balance of nature. The permanence of the hives is of fundamental importance as it allows the bees to adapt to the place, cultures and climate so as to stress them less. We manage apis mellifera ligustica favoring mass selection and, in case of purchase of real cells, we turn to beekeepers in our geographical area. The new nuclei come from natural swarming or, in case of colony difficulties, we make artificial swarms. We replace old honeycombs to always have new ones with beeswax using locally produced wax sheets.

Families are fed only in case of need using products packaged by us with infusions of herbs and flowers, citric acid, essential oils. The hives are made of wood by local artisans, even self-built, to protect them from atmospheric agents are treated with water colors, wax and propolis. We sow nectariferous essences such as facelia, melolito, sainfoin, on the and we have planted shrubs and trees of beekeeping interest; we prefer the use of natural substances to combat varroa and other bee diseases, such as oxalic and formic acid, essential oils and thymol.

The processing of honey is distinguished by apiary and by blooms, the link between bees and the biodiversity of the territory is strengthened by meeting in a honey that is always unique, with different floral shades, typical of the vintage and of the territory. The processing takes place cold; this processing method allows to keep all its nutritional properties unaltered (vitamins, enzymes and proteins are not altered or lost in any way); from this type of processing comes the phenomenon of the crystallization of honey over time. This phenomenon is completely natural and guarantees the authenticity and craftsmanship of the product.

We like that the environment in which our hives have been remains uncontaminated: no waste, but many more flowers and fruits, a gift from the pollination of our loved ones. Our approach is in line with the Biodiversity Friend Beekeeping protocol for beekeeping developed by the World Biodiversity Association (WBA) and we aim to achieve certification for sustainable beekeeping based on Biodiversity Friend.

Family Farm Gobbi


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